Bulletproof Witch FAQ

Q: Why is Episode One so short?

A: I suppose that’s a matter of perspective. For a fantasy book, which tend to lean to the long side, writing a novella seems a bit limiting. For the realm of westerns, however, the length is on par with more traditional works such as Louis L’Amour.

Q: How long will the series be?

A: Season One is set at 8 books. I also have a couple related works planned for after, while I work on the second season. Beyond that is anyone’s guess, but I don’t anticipate the entire story stretching beyond two seasons.

Q: How frequently will the books release?

A: My original goal was to publish three per year. Several books down the road I’ve settled on only two. With the publishing of Fatedancer in 2020, I’ve started only releasing one BPW book yearly, and intend to hold to that. Season 1 should conclude sometime in 2024.

Q: What genre is Bulletproof Witch?

A: It is what is referred to as “Weird West”, a catchall term for fantasy and sci-fi works that have a setting in or similar to the American Midwest during the mid 1800s.

Q: Where did you get the idea for Bulletproof Witch?

A: Fanfiction, ironically enough. After the release of the Dark Tower movie in August 2017, I started work on an original story set in the same universe (this work still exists out on AO3 for the curious). Eventually I abandoned the project when I decided my time would be better spent creating an original work. I’ve always loved the weird west aspect of Stephen King’s story, so I decided to try my hand at my own.

Q: Have you written anything else?

A: I’ve also published another series called the Books of the Ascendant. It is a litRPG series that exists in the same universe as BPW (watch for crossovers in the future!). Beyond that, I have a series upcoming on Royalroad, and I also have a short story published in the Roll of the Dice III anthology.