Bulletproof Witch FAQ

Q: Why is Bulletproof Witch so short?

A: I suppose that’s a matter of perspective. For a fantasy book, which tend to lean to the long side, writing a novella seems a bit limiting. For the realm of westerns, however, the length is on par with more traditional works such as Louis L’Amour.

Q: How long will the series be?

A: Season One is set at 8 books. I also have a couple related works planned for after, while I work on the second season. Beyond that is anyone’s guess, but I don’t anticipate the entire story stretching beyond two seasons.

Q: How frequently will the books release?

A: My goal is to publish three per year.

Q: What genre is Bulletproof Witch?

A: It is what is referred to as a “Weird Western”, a catchall term for fantasy and sci-fi works that have a setting in or similar to the American Midwest during the mid 1800s.

Q: Where did you get the idea for Bulletproof Witch?

A: Fanfiction, ironically enough. After the release of the Dark Tower movie in August 2017, I started work on an original story set in the same universe (this work still exists out on AO3 for the curious). Eventually I abandoned the project when I decided my time would be better spent creating an original work. I’ve always loved the “weird west” aspect of Stephen King’s story, so I decided to try my hand at my own.

Q: Have you written anything else?

A: I may or may not have written other books, under other names. Only time will tell.