Book Reviews – Reddit

I periodically post reviews for books that I’ve read over on r/Fantasy. If you’re looking for something new to read, or just curious about my reading tastes, just check out the list below. I typically only review books that I like, so they tend to lean towards the positive.

The Isle of Winter’s Night by Adrian Kaas (10/23/2020)

First Steps by Luke Daher (11/19/2019)

Blood and Iron, Part 1 & 2 by Eli Steele (11/2/2019)

Rise of A Necromancer by Rosie Scott (05/11/2019)

Rise of the Seer by Brandon Barr (05/02/2019)

Fid’s Crusade by DH Rheiss (02/14/2019)

Crier’s Knife by Neal Litherland (02/11/2019)

Make Me No Grave by Hayley Stone (11/25/2018)

An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris (11/25/2018)

Between the Shade And The Shadow by Coleman Alexander (11/14/2018)

Into the Labyrinth by John Bierce (10/13/2018)