Map of Korvana (Bulletproof Witch)

Most of the west remains largely uninhabited, with most settlements along either the northern or southern coastline. A few towns have begun to appear inland in recent years, mostly to take advantage of the superior quality lumber found near the Divide.

The northwestern corner of this map includes the entirety of the setting for Episode 1, stretching between the waystop of Rosea to Benson City at the base of the Silversky Mountains. Obviously a lot of details get left out, since you won’t note cliffs or canyons on here, but I like to think it gives a good idea of the general setting. Looking further south you can see Messanai City, the second largest settlement on Korvana after Arkton. It and the town of Sweetwater are the main focus of Episode 4.

The most noteworthy feature on the map is of course the Divide to the far west, a range of mountains stretching for several hundred miles off to the west. The peaks here are all but impassible, with at least three reaching over 35,000 feet, and one over 40,000!

As for what is on the other side of the Divide, it remains a mystery. Ships sailing near the coastline report a landscape of lush, near impenetrable jungle, but any ships that have attempted landfall have never returned.

In the northest, we find the peninsula dominated mostly by the settlement of Arkton, which of course is both the nation’s capital and its largest city, with a population of close to half a million. It has grown to the point where the city and the territory containing it are essentially one and the same.

After Arkton, the next most populated territory is that of Farhampton, with much of the coastline covered in quaint seaside towns, and large farming plantations further inland.

A small slice of the Cieste peninsula can be seen on the northernmost edge of the map. The rest of the continent of Galinor lies further north. The old world is massive in size, with roughly twice the landmass of Korvana (counting both east and the unknown west).

Somewhat south of the peninsula can be found the tiny farming community of Shady Hollow, the setting for the majority of Episode 2. Further south are the ruins of Cold Valley, uninhabited for over 5 years. To the east can be seen the sleepy coastal village of Oceanside, which features prominently in Episode 4 flashbacks.