Status Update

So life has been crazy-pants over the last few weeks, both writing and non-writing related. The free weekend went MUCH better than I anticipated, and the book was downloaded something to the tune of 1500 times! I’m still reeling from that number, like how can my book be on FIFTEEN HUNDRED different people’s devices? It is a true dream come true.

There aren’t many reviews up on Amazon yet, but Goodreads has quite a few so far. Hopefully they’ll keep coming, but even if they stopped today I could die a happy man.

I’ve also sent out book two to beta readers, who are hopefully chowing their way through it as we speak! I’m very eager to see how the second book is received, since it is much longer and more ambitious than the first, but also much more insular (the entire story takes place in a small town in the mountains).

Meanwhile, my children have been trading colds with each other for weeks, so our house is mostly under quarantine. Hopefully the sickness will depart with the cold weather, and soon everything will be wonderful both inside and out before we know it!

Finally, if you happen to read this post, please consider leaving a message. I’d love to know I’m not just screaming into the void here.

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  1. Beta reader here. Episode 2 is going to be VERY well-received, no question about it. Keep up the incredible work and congrats on the downloads for Ep. 1!

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