Progress Progress

I had been hoping to have a cover to reveal for Episode Two by now, but there have been a couple delays. With luck I’ll have it any day now, and can get a pre-order up and going. In the meantime, I’ll be posting a preview chapter of Curse of the Daemon Beast on Friday.

In the meantime, work on Episode Three, currently titled Arkton at High Noon continues on schedule. I’m about 15k words into what I think will be an 80-90k book, so that’s promising. There are a lot of cool things I’m looking forward to including in that book. Feels odd, wanting to talk about the third volume when the second hasn’t even come out yet, but that’s the life of a writer for you.

I also loaded a map of Korvana up here, so if you’re interested in seeing what the lay of the land is, be sure to check it out.

Finally, there is an absolutely flattering review of Episode One that just went up on Reddit. It’s always touching to hear back about what people think of my writing. Since I do this for fun as opposed to a profession, hearing from fans is really what makes this all worthwhile.

That’s all the news I have for now. Check back again soon, and hopefully I’ll have something exciting to report!