Episode Two is Available for Sale!

Today the second episode of Bulletproof Witch became available for sale from Amazon. I must say that I’m fairly proud of this one: it’s twice as long as the first book, with way more characters, plot development, and even a mystery to boot! Plus I packed the book with a few goodies I couldn’t manage for the first one, such a map, an appendix (detailing the magic system), and some hilarious deleted scenes at the back.

I checked and saw this morning there were a few pre-orders of the book! If you’re reading this and you were among them, thank you! It means the world to me that someone would take a chance on my writing before there’s even a review to be found. I mean, I’m grateful for everyone that spends time and money to pick up a copy, but doubly so for any early adopters.

In Episode Three news (to be titled Arkton at High Noon), I’m probably over halfway done with the first draft. I pushed back my self-enforced deadline of having a beta-reader copy ready from the end of May to end of June, but I don’t think that’ll be delaying the actual book release (sometime in late October). That deadline will count more on when art and other auxiliary items are completed, which shouldn’t be as difficult during the summer months.

Looking further ahead than that, I have a pretty well laid out five year publishing schedule. I’m not ready to share exact details about that, but maybe once I’m done with Episode Four. Got lots of exciting things planned for the future, including writing in a bunch of different worlds (that are all connected somehow together). Stay tuned for more updates about that.