Another Draft Complete!

Much happiness and rejoicing! I have completed the first draft of Episode 3, now all that remains is getting it cleaned up and out to beta readers (which I’m hoping to do by the beginning of July).

Actually, if I’m being honest, I finished the first draft a week ago, but I’ve been so busy cleaning it up I never thought to come post an update here. Better late than never.

Book Three (to be titled Arkton at High Noon), is going to be a bit of a long one, with the first draft sitting at around 110k words (in other words, the length of most standard novels! Hurray!). Some of that will end up on the cutting room floor, but I’m still expecting it to be the biggest volume after episode 8.

Once everything is done and sent off to beta readers, I’ll be launching straight into Episode 4, which based on the outline I’ve come up with will be somewhere more to the tune of 65k words. Combined with a much simpler plot (reminiscent of the first book), that one should be easy to knock out of the park in short order. After that I’ll be taking a year off before releasing book 5 to work on a SPECIAL PROJECT (dun dun dun!), which if you have talked to me at all outside of this blog you probably already know what it entails, but for the rest of you, SECRETS.

Also the break is somewhat predicated on my family telling me they miss me and would like to see me doing something other than staring at a computer screen all the time. So I should probably make a little time for that in there somewhere.