Summer Update

*Insert obligatory “I can’t believe this summer went by so quickly!” comment*

Yeah, so I haven’t been updating the blog much in the last two months. Don’t let that trick you into thinking I wasn’t busy! It’s actually been quite the production summer. Maybe not exactly where Bulletproof Witch is concerned, but still…

Most of the last month or two have gone into a lot of auxiliary work: planning out projects for the winter, working up some ad campaigns, that sort of thing. I also wrote a “short” story for an anthology my local writers group is putting together, which is set in the same world as Bulletproof Witch, but not really connected in any noticeable way. Once that book goes live I’ll get a link posted here if anyone’s interested.

Episode 4 is progressing slowly, which is to say I’m a few words further than the last time I updated, but not much. Now that I’ve hit the end of summer I’m planning to get to it with a vengeance. With luck I’ll have readable draft ready by Christmas. I’m sure I’ve commented before (but am too lazy to check my archives) that this one will be much shorter, probably a little shy of episode 2’s word count. Should still be a fun adventure though.

On to happier news! The audiobook for episode 2 is finally available at long last. You can find it here, if that is your sort of thing.

Also, I finally have a cover for Episode 3 to reveal! Hopefully I’ll have the pre-order page up by the end of the month, and the planned release date for this book is October 31st. Keep an eye on this blog for further developments, though.