Episode 3 is Live!

If you missed my other half-billion posts on the subject, consider this your official announcement: episode 3 of Bulletproof Witch, titled Arkton at High Noon, is now available for sale! Both my longest and most complex book to date, I must admit to being a bit proud of this one. It certainly was a long journey getting it out the door, but something tells me the effort will all be worth it.

Also, if for some reason you haven’t picked up episode 1 & 2 yet, or if you know someone you’ve been meaning to recommend them to but just hadn’t got around to doing so, now is the time! Both volumes will be free from now through Sunday.

In the meantime, I’m off to get deep into writing episode 4, to be titled Death Rides at Sunset, with a planned April release date. I’m planning to get a good bulk of it done during November, so hopefully I’ll have a better idea of its exact status sometime before Christmas. Stay tuned!

Episode 1

Episode 2