At Long Last… Fatedancer!

Well, it’s been a long road the last few months, but I finally have something new and shiny to share with all of you. May I present my latest work, a new LitRPG adventure… Fatedancer!

Amazon pre-order link for the interested.

A little bit about this story, it is set on a different world but same universe as my Bulletproof Witch series:

For one hundred and forty-three cycles, humankind has been the playthings of the gods. Monsters spawn in endless swarms across the countryside, dungeons full of treasure lure the unprepared to their doom, and adventurers squabble amongst each other in a constant battle for supremacy. Whoever holds the highest score when the cycle ends is granted immortality, but only if you can live long enough to seize the prize.

Luf Corent doesn’t care about dungeons or immortality, only with ensuring that he and his sister continue to survive for another day. Unfortunately, when you’re the lowest-ranked member of the weakest guild in the city, life isn’t exactly glamorous. Luf’s future doesn’t hold much beyond killing sewer rats and avoiding the attention of the guild’s more elite members.

However, when a twist of fate makes Luf the most sought-after person on the continent, he quickly discovers there is more to being an adventurer than just killing rats. In order to survive to the cycle’s end he’ll need the help of the man who almost won the last ascension tournament, but that help might just be more dangerous than the people who are looking for him. Especially when it seems as if even the divines themselves are taking an interest in this tournament’s results.

After all, when the gods play their games, it’s always humanity that loses…

So for those who might be wondering how this series came about, back in the middle of April I participated in a book sale organized by Bryce O’Connor over on r/Fantasy, which of course meant that I bought far more books than I can possibly read in one lifetime. Among the many other gems I stumbled across was a LitRPG story titled Adventurer Academy. After reading it I fell absolutely in love with the genre and had to try my own hand at it. The book above is the result.

What is LitRPG you might be wondering? It is a relatively new subgenre of fantasy, where worlds either take place inside video games or follow the rules of a video game. This book is one of the second kind, with characters leveling up as they adventure, and having a bit more of a hard-coded magic system than what I put into Bulletproof Witch.

While I probably won’t write any further LitRPG style stories set inside my main universe (called the Amalgam Universe or Amalgamverse), I’d like to keep dabbling in the LitRPG genre a bit. Assuming life every grants me the time to do so, of course.

In other news, progress on book five of BW continues as expected. My goal is to push on with both this and the sequel to Fatedancer (titled Conduit) for release in 2021.