Somehow I managed to finish the reading list that I started this year out with. This is despite getting distracted and reading something like 25 other books that weren’t on it to begin with! Not bad, if I say so myself. Also, out of the 48 books I started, only 6 were DNFs.

  1. Beneath a Brass Sky by Eli Steele
  2. Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson
  3. A Star-Reckoner’s Lot by Darrel Drake
  4. Blood and Steel by Seymour Zeynalli (DNF)
  5. Six-Gun Tarot by RS Belcher (DNF)
  6. Volsyng by Set Sytes
  7. Dispel Illusion by Mark Lawrence
  8. Gunmetal Gods by Zamil Akhter
  9. The Brightest Shadow by Sarah Lin
  10. A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham
  11. The Lost Dawn by Dan Neil (DNF)
  12. Cowboy Necromancer by Harmon Cooper
  13. Tower Climber by Jacob Tanner
  14. Godchosen by TS Snow (DNF)
  15. Conquerer’s Blood by Zamil Akhter
  16. A Bad Rune at Angel’s Deep by Anthony Lowe
  17. Street Cultivation 2 by Sarah Lin
  18. Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence
  19. The Broken Heart of Arelium by Alex Robins
  20. Untolled by JP Valentine
  21. The Black Shriving by Phil Tucker

In writing news, the rough version of Conduit is out to beta readers, and a few responses have even started to trickle in. That said, I won’t be getting back to hammering out the final version until around Jan 15th, so with luck the book will have a February release, pending cover work and other aspects that are outside of my control. Still, it’s not a terrible delay for a book that turned out quite different than I anticipated.

For book 3 (Dervish) I’m having a much easier time of it. The story is much more action oriented and is almost writing itself. I’ve only been back at it for a few days and I’m currently sitting at 26,223 words, with many more to come over the second half of this month. Then it’s on to book 6 of Bulletproof Witch.

Woe. Alas.

You’ll understand soon, I promise.