Somehow, a month has gone by without my noticing. I may have gotten ahead of myself in my optimism with how far I would be getting once the holidays were over. I neglected to remember that January is a BUSY month.

So, sadly, not as much writing has been happening as I would like. There is a lot of accounting work that has been leaving me drained, meaning that when evenings finally roll around, instead of writing I usually gravitate towards playing a game, or watching a show with my wife. It’s a difficult temptation to resist.

Not that I don’t enjoy writing, but it requires a certain amount of mental energy I don’t always have.

Still! Progress has been made. I’m up to 57,070 words on Dervish now, putting it just shy of the halfway point by my estimate. Still hoping I’m not going to regret breaking off the earlier arcs into their own book, but it would be either that or publish something too large for printing, so… I guess time will tell.

Speaking of book 2, I have heard back from almost all of my beta readers, and my editor is hard at work going through and cleaning up the usual problem areas. I’m thinking it will likely have a late February/early March release at this point, but if I can manage to get it our earlier, I certainly will.

Also, cover preview coming soon!