Reading Update

So I’m only through two books in my SPFBO Challenge so far, and already I’ve run into a problem—three of the books that won in the first two years have been de-listed on Amazon. I’m hoping this was a choice on the author’s part rather than them being removed due to some quirk of the system. Amazon can be… difficult sometimes if your book gets pulled for random reasons (for a great example, check out this post by Mark Lawrence, or even more recently this issue that Phil Tucker had with his new book Bastion), but regardless, unless I can find an alternative source for those books, I’ll have to skip them. Pity.

So my current TBR lists looks as such—

  1. The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids by Michael McClung (Review Here)
  2. The Weight of a Crown by Tavish Kaeden (De-Listed)
  3. City of Burning Shadows by Barbara Webb (Review Here)
  4. Sins of a Sovereignty by Simon Watts (De-Listed)
  5. What Remains of Heroes by David Benem
  6. Shattered Sands by WG Saraband (De-Listed)
  7. Under a Colder Sun by Greg James
  8. Priest by Matthew Colville
  9. A Soul for Trouble by Christa McHugh
  10. Paternus by Dyrk Ashton
  11. Fionn by Brian O’Sullivan
  12. Larcout by KA Krantz
  13. Assassin’s Charge by Claire Frank
  14. The Music Box Girl by KA Stewart
  15. The Moonlight War by SKS Perry
  16. Outpost by FT McKinstry
  17. The Shadow Soul by Kaitlyn Davis

In writing news, Dervish hit 74,892 words this week, which officially makes it longer than Conduit (and probably only about 2/3 done, maybe less). Progress, progress, progress.