…Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Okay, I did NOT mean for 2 months to go by between updates! Really, I’m not entirely sure how I dropped the ball that badly. I had a series of art posts I was going to put up following the release of Conduit, showing how the artwork was developed and everything. I guess I’ll plan for that post later this week. Le sigh…

Actually, I *do* know how it is that so much time passed. I got fairly sick there near the end of February, and then recovered, and then got sick again around the middle of March… all in all, I think I was basically a pathetic potato for about 5 weeks. It was not a fun way to spend the beginning of spring, let me tell you!

Not that I wasn’t busy writing during that time, I actually got something like 60k words done! Just… none of them were on Dervish. Yeah, sorry about that. I really meant to! Starting another side project wasn’t really on my list, but sometimes these things happen.

I can’t say much about it at this point, other than what was supposed to just be a chapter or two to get it out of my system kind of morphed into something bigger. I’m having a few trusted people look at it right now, and if they don’t think its utter rubbish I’ll probably be posting it on Royal Road in the near future.

However, I am back to working on Dervish now, with about two major arcs to write before its done. It is my sole focus for the next month or so to get it done and to beta readers, so should (fingers crossed) have a late summer/early fall release.

I’m also dedicated to at least getting the first draft of Bulletproof Witch book 6 done this year, although its actual publication date may not happen before 12/31. It is going to be a shorter book though, so there’s no reason I can’t hammer it out in a month if I REALLY dedicate myself. Whether that happens or not will probably depend on if that unnamed project ends up taking off or not. If it does, I might get delayed, but that’s a big if. Either way, book six will get finished, so I can get that albatross from around my neck at last.