My Current TBR Pile

So I know things have been quiet around here since Fatedancer launched. Part of that has just been me trying to catch back up on projects I left hanging to handle all of the aspects of publishing and promotion (like, you know, actually writing the next Bulletproof Witch book), but some of it has also been getting through the pile of books that I picked up on release day, had been planning to read, or stumbled across and sounded interesting. Here’s what my TBR pile looks like at the moment:

  1. Beneath a Brass Sky by Eli Steele
  2. Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson
  3. A Star-Reckoner’s Lot by Darrel Drake
  4. Blood and Steel by Seymour Zeynalli
  5. Six-Gun Tarot by RS Belcher
  6. Volsyng by Set Sytes
  7. Dispel Illusion by Mark Lawrence
  8. Gunmetal Gods by Zamil Akhter
  9. The Brightest Shadow by Sarah Lin
  10. A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham

Not gonna lie, I’ll probably DNF on a few of those (I’m rather picky about what I read, so if something doesn’t hold my interest I tend to move on) but for the moment I’m optimistic about the pile. Even though I’d like to get through these before 2020 ends (and a whole new slew of books starts coming out) that’s not going to happen unless I quit my day job and become a full-time reader.

Pity. That sounds like the perfect job, actually.