More Words and an Announcement(ish)

Work continues on Conduit, and I’ve now surpassed the 50k mark with 54,173. Still moving kinda slow, especially given this story should flow a little easier than Bulletproof Witch, but progress is progress. That said, I’m projecting an early 2022 release for it now, and if worst comes to worst, if I haven’t finished the first draft by Christmas I’ll be setting it aside so I can get started on book 6.

Adding further confusion, I’ve started work on another project that I’m thinking to post on RoyalRoad later this year. Not much to say about it just yet, other than its a viking-inspired mecha. With cultivation aspects. It sounds weird, I know, but I think it’ll work better in execution.

In other news, I just discovered I’ve finally been greenlit for Amazon’s hardcover program! I’m actually rather excited about this, since I’ve always figured if I’m going to have print editions I might as well have ones that last. Not that the paperbacks from Amazon are flimsy by any measure, but it would be nice to have a book that could also serve as a weapon during the impending zombie apocalypse.

So far I’ve got proofs for BW 1 & 5 submitted, so we’ll know in a few weeks if they translate to hardback nicely enough to warrant offering them to readers. Fatedancer isn’t in the cards, unfortunately, as that particular work surpasses the 550 page limit for hardback by a wide margin, and I don’t really feel like compromising the interior quality. Maybe someday they’ll increase it, but for now, no luck.