Word Update

Progress continues on the rough draft of Conduit, and I’m definitely getting back up to speed here. Latest word count is now at 66,165, which is all the more impressive considering I spent a solid week since my last update lying in bed sick as a dog (non-COVID related, probably just a stomach bug of some sort). I’m still on the mend with that, but my goal is to start trying to hit around 2k words a day. If I can do that, I’ll have this book done by Thanksgiving.

Oh, and I got the hardbacks from Amazon that I alluded to in my last post. They were… okay, I guess. I’ll definitely need to play around with the formatting before they’d be ready for the general public. Might even need to go back to Jin and get him to resize the covers a bit to better suit them. Not entirely sure it’s worth the effort, since print sales of any kind account for less than 1% of the books I sell overall. Still, I like the idea of hardcovers. They’d look good on my personal shelf, if nothing else.